The Little Angels Children’s Folk Ballet of Korea
16-Nation Tour plan to those nations that sent troops to the Korean War

Mission Statement:

The Korean War 60th Anniversary Memorial Project (hereinafter referred to as “KW60”) has been organized to convey its important mission to the world.  The Republic of Korea would not exist today without the noble sacrifice of the U.N. Korean War veterans. Historically, Korea has been a very righteous nation, and the Korean people will never forget the debt that they owe to the Korean War veterans. To commemorate the KW60, it is necessary to move this Project forward quickly, otherwise, the Korean people will lose the chance to offer their sincere gratitude to those soldiers and their families.

The KW60 will provide a great opportunity for the Korean government and people to express their sincere gratitude to those 16 nations who sent troops to the Korean War and to those 25 nations who supported the effort with medical goods and other service. To express thanks and gratitude, KW60 has planned a worldwide tour with the Little Angels Children’s Folk Ballet of Korea (hereinafter referred as “the Little Angels”) to the 16 nations.


The purpose of the Little Angels’ tour is to give Korean people’s comfort and also to convey sincere gratitude to those nations and soldiers who sacrificed their precious lives. As a result of such sacrifices, the Republic of Korea can now enjoy freedom and independence. Additionally, KW60 wishes to take this opportunity to share Korea’s unique culture with the world.

Why the Little Angels?

The Little Angels were chosen because they are the best representatives of Korea to fulfill the purpose of the KW60 Project. During the past 47 years the Little Angels, under the banner of the national flag of Korea, have represented the Korean culture to the world.  As a result, they have become well-known as “Peace Angels” and “Ambassadors of Good Will” to many nations around the globe. The Little Angels have performed several times at the White House in Washington, D.C., at the United Nations in New York, at the Queen’s Palace in Great Britain, at the Kremlin in Moscow, at the North Korean capitol, Pyongyang, as well as at many other notable venues throughout the world. The New York Times has praised them as being a phenomenal company.

Three times, the Little Angels of Korea have received Korean Government Citations and Awards of Recognition.
The Little Angels of Korea are the most unique Children’s Folk Ballet, having the deeper meaning of children being a symbol of peace to the world.  Truly, they are Korea’s best Ambassadors for peace and goodwill.

Support and Cooperation:

The KW60 should be recognized as a national-level peace mission involving everyone.
They need and deserve the support of government organizations, private organizations, all business enterprises, and all interested parties.

Official Supporting Entities: 

  • Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Korean Tourism Organization
  • Seoul City
  • Korean 6.25 War Veterans Organization
  • Ministry of Patriots and veterans Affairs
  • National Patriotic Elders Conference  (Approved)
  • Korean Veterans Association
  • Korean Retired  Generals & Admirals Association
  • ROKMC Veterans Association
  • Korean War Veterans, Washington D.C.
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars (U.S.A)
  • Korean War Veterans Association, Inc. (U.S.A.)
  • U.S. – Korean War Commemoration Foundation (U.S.A.)
  • The American Legion (U.S.A.)
  • Disabled American Veterans (U.S.A.)
Civilian Supporting Entities:  
  • Korean Airlines
  • Samsung Company
  • Shin Se Gae
  • Shin Han Bank
  • Woori Bank
  • Daewoo Construction Company
  • The Federation of Korean Industries
  • The Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Media Associations
  • Rotary International
  • Lions Club International
  • Non-Profit Organizations & Foundations
  • Korean/Japanese and Korean/American organizations
  • Various Private Industries and Special Individual Contributors

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